Are "best places to work" lists accurate sources for employment?

According to the Austin Business Journal, "best places to work" lists are not always a good way to evaluate employment opportunities. The creators and funders of a list, the methodology used and the difference in priorities between the reader and the source, all affect the list's quality and usefulness. Readers who thoroughly investigate a list are much more likely to make good decisions.

Check the field of expertise and the credibility of the source. If its expertise lies outside areas focused on by the list, remain skeptical. Even lists made by members within that industry can be misleading. Therefore, it is also important to verify that the methodology used to create, carry out and finalize the list was scientific, thorough and unbiased. Lists weigh different qualities, such as environment, income and outlook, differently but are often perceived as fact. If a person doesn't place value on the same traits as the source, the list is worthless.

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