Any information available on where to buy used hot water heaters on sale?

Purchase used water heaters for sale through sites such as,, and, as of 2015. Each site maintains its own policy on sales, with some allowing individual sellers to modify prices or negotiate with buyers, depending on its retail style. allows users to view only used water heaters by choosing that option from the result filters list on the left navigation bar, which can show items from by third-party sellers as well as units from directly. Some listings may also feature a separate entry for sellers offering used models at different prices, which can include shipping fees depending on seller preference. Third-party sellers may opt to refrain from participating in any sales, which typically reflect immediately in the listing price.

Auction site is a marketplace that allows its users to sell products rather than selling them itself. As such, the prices on used water heaters may vary significantly between models and sellers, as does the presence of sales. Some sellers may accept lower offers if sold on an immediate purchase format. is also an auction site, though it specializes in equipment for residential, commercial and pharmaceutical purposes. Listings for used water heaters typically include pictures of the unit along with details about its condition, sale price and the location of the seller. is a classifieds site that features posts from business and private sellers, each of which may accept a lower price during sale negotiations.

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