Are Azuma washer dryers portable?

Azuma offers rentals of many major appliances, such as washer and dryer combination machines, which are sometimes designed to be portable and hooked up to a sink. To confirm that this machine is in stock, a customer can call the number listed on Azuma's official site: 800-707-1188.

Azuma's official website requires that a customer apply through their system where they then perform a credit check to determine eligibility. Azuma does not list whether or not the machines they offer can be portable, but due to the trend in washer and dryer combinations, it is likely they offer washer-dryer machines that have this functionality.

Azuma itself does not manufacture its own portable washer dryers, but it may rent out a washer-dryer machine, such as an Avanti appliance. Azuma's stock of portable washer dryers may be dependent on the location of the individual customer, as they provide service to several states.

One way to see if a washer dryer is portable is to check if it came with lines built for hooking to a faucet. Portable washer dryers come with these lines when shipped from the manufacturer, as they are part of the appliance's standard features.

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