Are AutoZone battery chargers positively reviewed?

Most of the battery chargers from AutoZone that have at least one review have been rated positively. Many of the battery chargers do not have any reviews.

As of July 2015, the "Schumacher/200/100/40/10 Amp manual operation wheel battery charger" has a pair of five-star reviews. Another Schumacher charger, titled the "Schumacher/10/6/2 Amp fully automatic microprocessor controlled electronic battery charger," also has a pair of five-star reviews. However, two other Schumacher chargers are the only chargers that have negative reviews, as of July 2015. The "NOCO/.75 Amp 6/12 Volt Genius battery charger" has a five-star review. The "3.5 Amp" version of the NOCO battery charger has a five-star review as well.

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