After the last episode of "Coronation Street" will there be a movie?

There are no plans for a final episode of "Coronation Street" or a movie, as of early 2015. A number of full-length "Coronation Street" movies were released in VHS or DVD format.

"Coronation Street" is the world's longest-running soap opera, and the scriptwriters are busy planning future episodes. The feature-length movies include "Coronation Street: The Cruise," released on VHS in 1995, "Coronation Street: Viva Las Vegas!" released on VHS in 1997, "Coronation Street: Open All Hours," released on VHS in 1999, "Coronation Street: Out of Africa," released on DVD in 2008, "Coronation Street: Romanian Holiday," released on DVD in 2009 and "Coronation Street: A Knight's Tale," released on DVD in 2010.

This British soap opera portrays events in a fictional town in Northern England and its local pub, The Rovers Return, and features an evolving cast of actors.

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