Are astrology birth charts accurate?

Astrological birth charts cannot be called accurate in an objective sense, according to the Astropoetic School of Soul-Discovery. Astrology is an interpretive art of deciphering meanings from placements of planets. No objective criteria exists to prove astrological observations accurate, making it similar to judging the meaning of a poem.

Astrology cannot be considered accurate for several reasons. One is that astrology cannot account for its foundational premise, which is that planetary positions confer qualities on humans. Astrologers reject the scientific method as a tool to prove its truth because astrologers reject the notion of a single, objective truth.

Moreover, the scientific method demands that truth claims are replicable and independent of context. Astrologers reject that any event or being is independent of place or time. In fact, time is the essence of astrology, and the word "horoscope," derived from Greek, means "a look at the hours."

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