Are Armitron WR330 manuals available online?

As of 2015, Armitron's website does not appear to have a manual for a watch with the model number WR330. However, and claim to have a manual for this watch.

According to, Armitron's watch model number is not clear. On the front, it says WR330, and on the back, it says M807 and 40/8177. A manual on the website specifies model M807.

When searching the Warranty and Instructions page on the Armitron website, there are no search results under WR330 or M807; however, there is a manual under 40/8177. Owners of a WR330 should look for alternative model numbers on the watch to search on the Armitron website. also has a typed-up manual for the Armitron WR330 (40/8125) watch. The instructions appear to be different than the 40/8177 manual, so it is not clear if the instructions on this website is accurate.

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