Are Arctic Cat parts available in Canada?

Arctic Cat parts are available through the company's main office in Ontario or through off-road recreational dealerships and repair shops throughout Canada. These include Chudds Powersports in Gimli, Manitoba and Central Sled & Cycle LTD in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Arctic Cat sells snowmobiles, ROVs and ATVs.

The Arctic Cat company website features a search engine that allows ordering and buying parts online. Called the OEM Parts Manager, it asks for the type of vehicle, the year, the color and what type of part the customer is looking to purchase.

Hitting the "Enter" button brings up all of the applicable parts with pricing. A screen also shows where on the vehicle the particular part is found. If a customer picks something like a chain case assembly, it the website pulls up the entire assembly and individual seals, bearings and other parts.

Chudds Powersports uses the same OEM Parts Manager. Search for do-it-yourself parts or have the dealership's repair shop take care of the problem. Central Sled & Cycle LTD has a different type of search engine. Under OEM parts, select a term like "snowmobile," and a screen asking for the year of the machine pops up. The form then asks for the model and either a part description or a part number.

Central Sled & Cycle LTD also sells do-it-yourself parts and also works on Arctic Cat machines in its own shop. The firm is affiliated with Camrose Arctic Cat.

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