Are any Elvis Presley movies available on Youtube?

As of 2015, many Elvis Presley movies are available on YouTube, including musical comedies, such as "Blue Hawaii," "Fun in Acapulco" and "Girl Happy," and westerns, such as "Flaming Star." Other Presley movies on YouTube include "Jailhouse Rock" and "Follow That Dream."

YouTube also has Elvis Presley's first movie, "Love Me Tender," which he made in 1956. The film is a musical western that stars Presley in a supporting role as one of the four Reno brothers. The 1957 movie "Loving You," Presley's second film and first major starring role, is also available on YouTube. A Technicolor musical, the film stars Presley as a delivery man who is propelled to stardom when a music publicist and country musician discover him.

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