According to reviews, what are the best free music apps?

The best free music applications include Shazam, Pandora Radio, iHeart Radio and Songza. Although there are other free music applications available, these four have the highest user ratings on the Internet. All these music applications are available on Android, Windows and iOS platforms.

Shazam is a free music application that identifies the name of a song and the artist by listening to it. It also allows users to share their discovery, watch the music video on YouTube, play the song in Spotify, read reviews about the song and find the tour information of the artist.

Pandora Radio allows users to stream music live into their devices and rate the songs. They are also allowed to bookmark their favorite artists and play similar songs recommended by Pandora Radio. The iHeart Radio application scans for nearby radio stations and plays them via the mobile device. Users can create personalized stations, select the genre of songs they want to listen to, and save their favorite songs.

The Songza application plays music for any situation the user is going through at that particular moment. For example, it plays music depending on the mood of the user, the event, genre and season. It also features a display clock with a timer that allows the user to set the time when the music should be turned off automatically.

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