Are Animal Kingdom tickets worth the cost?

When determining whether Animal Kingdom tickets are worth the cost, it is important to weigh the personal preferences of those who will be visiting the theme park against the experiences offered. As of 2015, Disney's Animal Kingdom combines a traditional amusement park with a heavy focus on animals and conservation.

As its name indicates, the primary draw of the Animal Kingdom is the live animals. The park offers a safari attraction on which guests are taken on a trek into a mock-up of the African Savanna where they can view animals native to that region of Africa in re-creations of their natural habitats. In line with the conservation message of the park, the ride is built around a plot in which guests become involved with chasing down poachers. There is also a jungle trek, a petting zoo, and several other habitats in which animals can be viewed in much the same way as they would be at a traditional zoo.

Along with live animals, Animal Kingdom also features traditional amusement attractions including several thrill rides, a water ride, a 3D experience, and a line-up of shows. The Boneyard is a play area for younger visitors. Children can also dig for their own fossils. The themed areas of the park are DinoLand USA, Asia, Africa and Discovery Island. The focal point of the park is the giant Tree of Life, which is located at the center of Discovery Island.

Those who enjoy combining a trip to the zoo with exotic adventures and a day at an amusement park will likely find the tickets well worth the expense. Those who do not find those activities appealing may find the experience less than worthwhile.

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