Are an Aries man and an Aquarius woman compatible?

According to, an Aries man and an Aquarius woman are likely to be very compatible because their strong mental and creative personalities can find balance in one another. In general, Aries and Aquarius align intellectually and emotionally, but their intense passions can lead to intense arguments.

"My Astrology Book" says that one of the primary sources of strength in the relationship is both partners' independent ambition. The Aries man and Aquarius woman both set their own goals and respect each other for it. Neither is likely to resent the other's need for independent identity or space, so they are able to spend time apart and not lose the fire of the relationship. Their respective fire and air elements are also very compatible and lead to an intense physical connection as well, which helps to satisfy the need for adventure both parties share.

The Aries man, with a passionate warrior's heart, enjoys the chase and challenge of pursuing someone who is just as strong willed as he is. However, he might have trouble with how little the Aquarius submits to him. Similarly, the Aquarius woman's social conscious might take issue with the Aries man's conquering spirit. In a moral argument between the two, it is unlikely that either will budge for the other. The biggest challenge Aries and Aquarius face is getting through these arguments, agreeing to disagree and letting them go. If the couple can do that, they are likely to have a long and healthy relationship, according to Astrology Zone.

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