According to rental laws, who is considered a tenant?

A tenant is legally defined as someone to whom a landlord grants exclusive use of land or a part of a building on a temporary basis. Tenants are entitled to certain rights and services that must be provided by a landlord, but they also have responsibilities to the rented property.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, tenants have specific rights to rented property. In exchange for the payment of rent, tenants have to right an adequate place to live. They're entitled to receiving routine maintenance provided by the landlord, provided that need for maintenance was not intentionally created by the tenant. Tenants are also entitled to 24-hour notice of entry, eviction notices, notices of major construction and timely repair in the event of a significant maintenance request.

With the right that tenants have come certain responsibilities. The most important of these responsibilities is paying rent and any other required fees per the lease agreement on time. Tenants may also be required to facilitate some routine maintenance, such as lawn care and general cleaning. Tenants also has duties and responsibilities in relation to other nearby tenants, particularly helping to maintain a quiet environment. Other rights, duties and responsibilities may vary, depending on the lease agreement.

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