Are Amana appliances energy efficient?

Some Amana products have earned the United States Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star logo and are considered energy efficient. As of January 2016, these Amana products include several dishwashers, a few bottom-freezer refrigerators and one front-loading clothes washer.

In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission requires new appliances, with the exception of kitchen ranges, microwave ovens and clothes dryers, to carry a black and yellow EnergyGuide label. This label details the estimated annual energy consumption of the appliance and allows consumers to compare different models. Appliance models that are significantly more energy efficient than the average comparable model earn the Energy Star label.

Since energy efficient appliances cost less to power than less efficient models, consumers often save more money over the long term by initially purchasing a more expensive Energy Star model. Consumers may also be able to take advantage of cash incentives, low-interest loans and rebates that offset the higher purchase prices.

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