Are all Western snow plow parts numerically named?

Parts for Western snow plows are labeled with both a numerical code and a part description or name, such as Western Replacement Blade Guide Kit w/Flags #1308210. Parts can be identified by referencing either the Western part number or the name/description. After-market or generic parts have different labeling systems.

In addition to the official Western website, as of 2015 there are several other retail websites that sell Western snow plow parts. Some websites, such as, sell official Western parts, while other websites sell generic or after-market parts that fit Western snow plows. Some websites that sell parts to fit Western snow plows include and Individuals also may buy parts from authorized local Western dealers, which can be found by searching the official Western website. Western recommends using factory original Western parts and accessories.

The Western Products manufacturing plant is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company offers a variety of snow plows, spreaders and related equipment, for everything from light personal use to commercial operations. Western was founded in 1952 by Douglas Seaman, and it later became Douglas Dynamics, now the parent company and a manufacturer of vehicle attachments and equipment. Other brands under Douglas Dynamics include Blizzard, Fisher, Henderson, SnowEx, SweepEx and TurfEx.

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