Are all fibroid tumors in the uterus cancerous?

Fibroid tumors in the uterus are benign growths that do not represent a threat of developing into a malignancy, states Mayo Clinic. A uterine fibroid consists of muscle cells that form a mass. A fibroid can develop in different regions of the uterus, explains WebMD.

Fibroids form in the uterine lining or wall. They can also spread out from the uterus and into the pelvic area. Fibroid tumors can be small or grow to become large masses, reports Mayo Clinic. While some tumors cause no pain, others can cause severe pain and inflammation in the abdominal region.

Treatment options depend on factors such as tumor size, its location and severity of the symptoms, relates WebMD. Some possible treatments for this condition are the use of medications and different types of surgeries, according to MedicineNet..

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