Are all auto transmission diagrams the same?

All automotive transmission diagrams are not the same. The biggest differences lie in whether the transmission is manual or automatic and which variations of these two transmission types the diagram shows. Each transmission manufacturer is also likely to use a different layout for its diagrams.

Manual transmission diagrams are often simpler than those of automatic transmissions, lacking many of the parts required for automatic shifting through the gears. These diagrams may show transmissions that rely on sequential, nonsynchronous or preselector-style manual transmissions. The transmissions depicted in these diagrams rely on manual clutch release by the driver to allow shifting through the gears, and most also require manual shifting using a lever or switch.

A wide range of diagrams for automatic transmission systems also exist. These include manumatic and semi-automatic systems along with traditional hydraulic, electrohydraulic and modern dual-clutch systems. The diagrams provided by manufacturers for vehicles with the same basic transmission type may still vary greatly due to different component layouts preferred by specific car makers. Shared components across almost all transmission types include gaskets, valves, converters, clutches and differentials. Most diagrams for automatic systems also show the location of governors and modulators that ensure shifting takes place with proper timing at the correct speed.

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