Are aliens and UFOs real?

As of Oct. 2014, no one has produced hard evidence that extraterrestrial aliens exist. The acronym UFO, however, stands for unidentified flying object. In the most technical sense, any object in the sky that cannot be positively identified qualifies as a UFO. Therefore, UFOs do exist, though whether any are alien spacecraft has not yet been determined.

According to a 2012 survey, slightly more than one-third of Americans professed to believe that UFOs carrying aliens exist. Almost half of the population was unwilling to definitively deny the existence of these UFOs, and more than three-fourths of Americans believe there is evidence to suggest that aliens have visited the planet. Approximately 79 percent of Americans believe the U.S. government is hiding information concerning UFOs.

Those who purport to have evidence of UFO existence point out the strange behaviors of electrical systems in cars as well as phone and television interference in areas where UFO sightings have been reported. Others think that photographic and video evidence of unexplained objects that fly much more quickly than current technology on Earth permits is evidence of alien existence. Scientists have tested soil samples in areas where UFOs were presumed to have landed or crashed but remain divided about the results.

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