Are Algebra with Pizzazz worksheets helpful?

"Algebra with Pizzazz" worksheets help students master algebra. They offer practice with algebra concepts using entertaining activities to keep students engaged. Each puzzle involves solving a riddle or joke as part of finding algebra answers.

Activities within each topic build on skills and concepts covered in the previous games, letting students learn step by step. Feedback in each puzzle lets the student know whether he is doing the work correctly. Students like solving the problems so they can find out the punchline to a joke or a riddle answer.

Games include unscrambling words or filling in the letters of a message. An exercise for factoring trinomials has the student find a factor in each of two columns. Answers in one column have a number next to them; those in the other column have a letter. Students pair the letter and number next to the correct factors and enter the letter in the box corresponding to the number at the bottom of the page. Once all boxes have letters, students can read the answer to the riddle on the page.

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