"Lethargic" is to "vital" as "trite" is to what?

"Lethargic" is to "vital" as "trite" is to "original." "Lethargic" means lazy, whereas "vital" means full of life. "Trite" means copycat, and the opposite of "copycat" is "original." "Trite" can also mean cliché, tired or overplayed.

"Lethargic" is a cat sitting by the window on a rainy day. "Vital" is a child on a playground. "Trite" is liking long walks on the beach and the Beatles. "Original" is making up new music that has never been heard before.

Analogies are often used to test the proficiency of vocabulary. The easiest way to build a vocabulary is to read, and seek out definitions of unfamiliar words.

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